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Jul 13, 2018

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Move Inventory Effortlessly with Ball Transfer Tables!

Ball Transfer Table

Ball transfer tables are used when products need to be manually rotated and positioned, allowing for easy assembly, inspection, and testing. This makes rotation of heavy cartons, bins, and other inventory trouble-free. Ball transfer tables are unique in the way that they allow products to flow in any direction.

Ball transfer tables are made with friction free steel balls allowing for inventory to easily glide in any direction. They can be floor mounted as well as placed on H-stands to adjust for the work space.

A few reasons why ball transfer tables are useful are they make ideal workstations for industries that require quick and easy handling of products. When two or more conveyors meet, the inventory must be transferred from one line to another- this can be made easier with the addition of ball transfer tables. These systems allow for effortless repositioning of large or heavy inventory.


Give us a call or email us to customize a ball transfer table specific to your application.