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Aug 24, 2018

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Increase Output With Case Sealers!

Case Sealer

A case sealer is a piece of equipment used primarily for industrial packaging, to seal cartons and boxes during the packaging process and prepare them for shipment. There are two main types of case sealers: semi and fully automatic.

Semi automatic case sealers require human interference to manually close the main flaps of the box or container. A fully automatic case sealer requires no human interference when sealing cartons and boxes for shipment. Adding a case sealer to your equipment line can increase your output by as much as 600%. If your business is manually sealing at least 250 boxes a day, you can see a return on your investment within months!


Here are some additional benefits to adding a case sealer to your production line:

  • Eliminate product damage: using staples, straps, or glue have an increased chance of damaging the product when packaging
  • Increase productivity: sealing rates up to 6x faster than manual means less production time and increase output rates
  • Enhance packaging: On the shelf packaging appears neater, than with manually over-taped packaging and human error


Add a case sealer to your production line and start seeing an increase in output today! Yankee Supply has new and used case sealers in stock.