Hand trucks vs. Dollies: Which one is right for you?

Whether you own a business, or have a workshop at home chances are you’re going to have to move heavy items from time to time. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to moving equipment, but which one will be the most effective, and get the job done as painlessly as possible?

We can break down moving equipment into two main categories, hand trucks and dollies:

Hand trucks are upright metal frames with large wheels that transport materials by tilting back on itself allowing for the materials to be wheeled freely.
Benefits of hand trucks:
- Multiple options/ variations available to fit every job type
- Help reduce the likelihood of workplace injury
- Durable, and built to last
- Handles make it easy to maneuver
- Can be used to transport materials down stairs, or curbs

Dollies are small platforms with castors or rollers underneath that allow heavy objects to be stacked on top of the platform and transport them freely.
Benefits of dollies:
- Ideal for small spaces, such as tight hallways
- Moves heavy or large objects smoothly
- Reduces the likelihood of workplace injury

Whether your job requires a hand truck or a dollie, Yankee Supply has a wide selection of new and used moving equipment to fit any job- big or small! Browse our selection online: https://www.yankeesupply.com/
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