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Top 15 Reasons Why Use Curve Belt Conveyors for Your Warehouse

Curve belt conveyors are one of the many types of conveyors found in commercial warehouses. Utilizing belt conveyor systems come in various ways. It also comes in multiple designs. Raw materials enter warehouses through different methods, while finished products leave them through multiple means.

What Is It and How It Works?

The curve belt conveyors are one of the belt conveyor sorts. It’s a kind of belt conveyor with a succession of conveying curves that bends in and out like a roller coaster while transporting throughout the warehouse, allowing for easy pallet placement on top.curve belt

It transports light loads such as cardboard boxes, bags, crates, and other containers that workers may utilize in warehouses. A 10-foot radius curve is typical for these types of curve belt conveyors.

The curved belt conveyors both horizontal and vertical surfaces, allowing for more flexibility in the warehouse. The curving form carries items through the facility, preventing things from falling.

There are several advantages to utilizing this sort of conveyor system for bulk material handling in warehouses.

What Are The Reasons To Use Curve Belt Conveyors In Your Warehouse?

Safety First – The advantages of a curve belt conveyor over a straight belt conveyor include the ability to handle heavy loads, as well as being able to transport many different types of goods. These conveyors feature built-in safety features such as high backstops, high side guards, footplates on each end, anti-skid shoes, and adjustable height side guards. Its purpose is to keep you safe and avoid accidents when using a curve belt conveyor in the warehouse environment.

Easy Installation – In your warehouse, curve belt conveyors are simple to set up. You won’t have to pay an expensive professional to install for you. Because these conveyor systems are so easy to put together, you may install them yourself with ease. This also includes pre-assembled components that allow you to quickly attach the curved belt system when it arrives at your site.

Low Maintenance Costs – Belt conveyor systems with a low, flat pitch are known as toothless-curve belts. They require little maintenance over their lifetime of use and are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they will last a long time before needing any attention.

Durability – Its manufacturing is the main difference between curve belts and straight conveyors, but the latter has a steeper price tag. The design of these conveyors is more robust than that of a flat belt, which makes it ideal for warehouse usage. Even the curvature of it is less complicated to break down and maintain than that of a straight belt.

Ease Of Use – simple to operate and readily adapt to any setting. Curve belts may be utilized in any sized facility, since to their basic construction. It does not require a lot of energy input during operation and has low ground pressure, making them an environmentally friendly alternative for commercial warehouses where other conveyors can’t function.

Saves On Labor Costs – Self-contained curve belt conveyor systems don’t require extra personnel to run them. Employees won’t have difficulty learning how to transport material throughout the warehouse because it is so simple to use.

Fewer Accidents – simple to use, with safety features that keep staff safe while also preventing hazards for other people in your warehouse. It also has a variety of speeds available for various materials, allowing you to pick the optimum speed for each material you employ.

Flexible Design – flexible enough to handle a wide range of materials, including wet or dry, heavy or light, bulky or delicate. These are high-quality materials that make them ideal for almost any material handling application in the warehouse setting.

Increase Productivity – more efficient than belt conveyor systems because they reduce wasted time. Employees in warehouses that use curve belts are more productive because of their efficiency. Because they are simple to operate, curve belts need little training on how they work and allow people to move materials quickly throughout the warehouse. Depending on the sort of goods you’re trying to transport about your warehouse, workers may use curve belts for various purposes. They also have varying speeds, allowing employees to pick the most efficient pace for each commodity handled by curve belts.

More Space For Warehousing – Warehouse workers will appreciate its ability to reduce workspace congestion. It’s because it allows them more room at their workstations, as they don’t take up any floor space as other conveyors do. Since it operates with minimal horizontal surface requirements, you may store goods in your warehouse since these systems can handle almost every sort of material, including wet and dry products, bulky things, and lightweight items. These systems are the most adaptable conveyors for use in warehouses because they can carry almost any product, including wet and dry products, bulky things, and lightweight items. These are also far more energy-efficient conveyor systems than conventional ones since they require less power to function. These conveyors are simple to set up, long-lasting, and cost-effective, saving you money on labor expenses.

Reduces Product Damage – The curvature of it allows materials to be stacked on curve belt conveyors without causing damage to the goods. When utilizing curved belts, your material will not get trapped or stop due to its high momentum. Because these are so gentle on products, they’re ideal for transporting delicate items like fresh fruits and prescription drugs. As with any conveyor system, it can jam, which can be dangerous. It is also designed with anti-jamming characteristics that prevent accidents involving other people in the warehouse. It requires little horizontal space while still preventing accidents from happening (stacking too many things onto it).

Easy To Repair And Maintain –  considerably more maintenance-free than straight belts because these are constructed of high-quality materials that require little or no upkeep. Because it doesn’t need much attention, warehouse workers will have to devote less time to maintenance and repairs because fewer moving components break on them. Curve belts are also available with a far greater guarantee than straight belt conveyors, making them an excellent choice for businesses that want the best long-term durability and cost savings from their purchased material handling equipment.

No Ladder Required – Because curve belts move at the waist, workers can work it without their hands being restricted. They do not require any ladder usage. Employees who use curve belt conveyors regularly appreciate how simple it is to set up and operate curved belts. On the other hand, it has a wide range of sizes, forms, widths, and lengths. As a result, its adaptable to the materials that may flow through curved belt systems.

Less Injury – designed to allow warehouse employees to work without bending or strain excessively, which might result in harm due to curve belts being at waist height while in use. It is less dangerous than other types of material handling equipment since they are powered by people instead of rotating components that may rip your hand open. It is incredibly safe. They also come with various safety features that minimize the risks of incidents involving them due to their lack of ladders for usage. Because it doesn’t need much energy input to operate, this eliminates the danger of running into something or getting hit by other folks using curved belt conveyors.

Decreased Energy Usage –  do not require much effort to run since they move at waist level instead of full height, lowering energy use considerably. Because curve belts move at waist height rather than full height, they save employees time by requiring less effort to operate. The low profile design of curve belts means that they only take up a tiny surface area while in operation. Curve belt conveyors can make turns, allowing curve belt conveyors to do more in a given amount of time while curve belts reduce long-term energy expenses since curve belts move at waist height, requiring less input from warehouse workers during transit periods. When you need curve belt conveyors the most, they can be ready to work for you.

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