Mezzanines: Clear Span, Rack Supported, Shelf Supported

Every business owner, no matter how large or small, is always trying to maximize their ROI. What is the best way to get a return on any investment? Maybe it’s re-organizing your pallet shelving to utilize extra space. Or possibly adding a conveyor belt to improve efficiency and functionality within the warehouse? Whatever the addition, renovation or reorganization may be, you need to make sure it makes sense and can produce a healthy return in cash!

Used MezzaninesIn this business, making the most of our space is key. The more units in and out, the more money is coming in. A great addition to utilize the space you have is to add a mezzanine! Mezzanines are stairways and landings that are elevated above the ground floor, and can produce another platform for storage. You can also use this space as an office, pick modules, or GOH storage!

The added benefits of a mezzanine are apparent, but here are some additional reasons to ensure you that adding one makes sense:

  • Cost- Adding a mezzanine does not affect your square footage in terms of billing. This means you aren’t adding to your monthly rent by adding square footage, but you’re still creating more space. Compare this to expanding your space: you are incurring a loss by halting operations AND you are adding to your monthly rent.
  • Options- A great way to utilize this space would be to add additional units. But that’s not the only way to use this space. You can add offices, loading docks or just a space for employees to relax where they are out of the way on break.
  • Cost Effective- Expanding, reorganizing, or adding features to your warehouse can be a very expensive ordeal. Not only are you paying for the additional equipment or renovation, you need to halt your operations which is a big problem. Adding a mezzanine is a quick and effective process that can make sure your downtime is slim to none.
  • Customization- As with all Yankee Supply products, the best part is we can customize a mezzanine to fit your space. We will have experts come in and work with you to find the best way to build. Then we’ll draw up a CAD drawing to show you how we’d best utilize your space. Finally, we can send teams in wherever you may be in the U.S. for a quick and easy installation.