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Drive-In Rack

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Used Drive-In Rack Systems

Fast-paced warehouses and storage facilities need fast-paced equipment. A Drive-In racking system can drastically improve the speed at which you turn over inventory. Drive-In racking systems use the LIFO method (Last In First Out) because there is only one entrance. The inventory at the back of the shelving unit can only be accessed if everything in front of it has been removed. These racking systems are suitable for products with no expiration date and no...

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Used Drive-in Racks and Drive-Through Rack Systems

Drive in racks are a great solution for warehouses where the inventory shifts and changes on a constant basis.  Both drive-in racking and drive-through rack systems allow more efficient use of available space than traditional multi-aisle selective racks systems. In fact, when compared to a conventional selective rack system, the same amount of storage can be achieved with a high density drive-in or drive-through system in 80% less space. This is achieved through a number...

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