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Lift Equipment

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Forklifts: The Ultimate Tool

Like a carpenter, we storage aficionados have an array of tools. Arguably one of the more important tools is lift equipment…forklifts. A good forklift is not only essential for your daily operations, but also for your financial health. The liabilities in forklift operation are enormous and can be very costly if something goes wrong. That’s why it’s always important to maintain, service and inspect your lift equipment, so your bases are covered. Having an up-to-date,...

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Using a Hoist To Organize Your Warehouse

Hoists and roof storage are an excellent way of utilizing all of your warehouses’ available space.  Now that winter is here all kinds of equipment needs to be safely stored before the snow moves in.  The warehouse probably looks a bit disheveled with seasonal projects piled on top of each other but somehow you need to get this all organized enough to pull a large, industrial vehicle inside when the snow flies Hoists are a...

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