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Save Money on Used Lockers with Yankee Supply

Gym locker replacements for employees and students can be very pricey, especially when you don’t have a large budget. Safe storage is a must, in any school or work environment, but you don’t want to break the bank. The cost of six units can cost just over $500. You don’t want to pay that price, you’ll keep the old, which is not ideal, especially if the lockers need replacement. You want to make sure your...

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Used Lockers at Discount Prices!

Big Savings on Used Lockers! Replacing gym lockers for employees or students can be an extremely pricey process. Providing them with safe storage is essential, but the cost of replacing just six units can run you just over $500. At that rate, you’ll likely keep the old, broken down lockers that you’re currently using. Yankee Supply can deliver another option. We’ve got dozens of units in stock, to fit any of your storage needs. Box...

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Used Industrial Lockers

Welded industrial lockers and storage cabinets are ideal for warehouses, factories and military applications where an industrial strength storage cabinet is needed. Built to withstand a variety of harsh environments, industrial lockers provide years of maintenance-free storage solutions. Industrial lockers come in a broad range of configurations and interchangeable options allow you to create customized storage. Particularly true for construction sites and jobs, industrial lockers are quite versatile and, with so many options, it's not...

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