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Maximizing Warehouse Space

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Maximizing Warehouse Space

how to maximixe warhouse spaceIf you’re a company that owns a warehouse that always seems to be at capacity, or often times have a surplus of product with nowhere to go, here are some tips to utilize the space you have.

Too Much Product:

This may seem like a no-brainer, and it is, but it can be overlooked time and time again throughout various businesses. Sales staff continues to push product and stock the shelves for the demand on a popular product, but they forget to take into account the operations of the warehouse. Overstocking results in product in aisles, docking areas, and multiple SKU’s mixed in one storage area, which results in a more dangerous, slower work environment at the warehouse.

The same goes if you are seeing a product that is stagnant in the warehouse, but you’re reluctant to move it. Taking the hit on moving these stagnant units is hard to swallow, but it will show great return in the long run if you are able to better utilize your space.

There are so many ways to utilize space, it all depends on the space you are given, the speed you are moving at, and the product you are housing. From creative ideas such as placing racks over docks, to installing mezzanines for processing area, to different rack styles. It all comes down to your inventory management and fitting your warehouse with the correct units, systems and staff. Yankee Supply has all the options to make your warehouse run as smoothly as possible, at prices you can’t beat.