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Storage Cabinets

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Modular Drawer Cabinets Increase Your Storage Space

Modular Drawer Cabinets are heavy-duty steel cabinets that are great for storage and expanding your space. You can choose which size fits your warehouse best so that you can maximize efficiency and product movement. Yankee Supply offers a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 to 11 draw cabinets. Each drawer has compartments that can be adjusted based on one’s needs, therefore freeing up space in your warehouse for larger items. In addition, small and large...

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Industrial Shelving – The Unsung Storage Hero

A shelf is a flat horizontal plane which is used elsewhere to hold items of value that are being displayed or stored. A shelf is raised off the ground and usually anchored/supported on its shorter length sides by brackets. It can also be held up by columns or pillars. A shelf can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface, be suspended from a ceiling, be a part of a free-standing frame unit, or it can be part of a piece...

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