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Used Lockers

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Used Lockers at Discount Prices!

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Big Savings on Used Lockers!

Replacing gym lockers for employees or students can be an extremely pricey process. Providing them with safe storage is essential, but the cost of replacing just six units can run you just over $500.

At that rate, you’ll likely keep the old, broken down lockers that you’re currently using. Yankee Supply can deliver another option. We’ve got dozens of units in stock, to fit any of your storage needs.

  • Used locker imagesBox Lockers
  • Full Door Lockers
  • Garment Lockers
  • Half Door Lockers
  • Metal Lockers
  • Storage Lockers
  • Mesh door Lockers
  • Box Top Lockers

All can be had for HALF the price of the competition.

Our entire inventory is gently used; ensuring the integrity of the locker is still sound with minor wear and tear. If you’re looking for used school lockers, used gym lockers, shelving ideas, and storage cabinets, look no further, Yankee Supply has got it all!


Used Lockers Of all Shapes and Sizes

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Box lockers, half door and full door are just some of the types of used lockers available at Yankee Supply along with specialty lockers like garment lockers.

Used lockers - image by Yankee Supply CompabyBox lockers have the smallest amount of storage space, which also allows for maximum lockers in a limited space. These are great for small personal items like your wallet or cell phone. Thanks to the option to securely lock these units, employees can leave valuable belongings in them without fear of theft.

Full door lockers are just the opposite of box lockers. They are one full height vertical unit, making them ideal for storing a coat or other garments.

Yankee Supply has new, like new and used lockers for sale with various sizes available depending on your businesses needs to provide storage. Be it for valuable tools and components or simply to give your employees secure option for their belongings.

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