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Wire Room/Security

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Wire Partitions and Security Rooms

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Wire partitions are modular steel systems that are used for safety, security, and separation. Mesh, welded or woven, is securely welded inside sturdy angle frames to create a single wire partition panel. These wire mesh partition panels are then bolted to square steel tubing posts to create a strong and rigid modular wall or enclosure.

Let’s look at some of the reasons a business may find themselves in need of a wire security room or partitionwire_partition_security_room_cage_yankee_supply

1. You need a stock room in a strategic warehouse location but don’t want to block ventilation.

Wire partitions allow for unrestricted ventilation and layout flexibility whilst still providing controlled access to at risk stock or inventory. Similarly wire partitions won’t block light or require their own internal illumination, sparing you the expense of installing lighting.

2. You need to protect an important utility that resides outside your warehouse.

Metal theft can be common in the United States, especially in industrial areas that are likely to be empty of prying eyes once the majority of the work force goes home for the night. Wire security partitions ensure that your utility connections and cooling systems don’t become prey to metal thieves. Make your system a hard target to hit so that thieves will move on to an easier target.

Wall mounted air-conditioning units, water heaters and utility boxes can all benefit from being protected by a wire partition or security room.

3. You need the security of security room but the versatility of being able to see into and out of the room.

Wire partitions keep your at-risk stock safely positioned behind lock and key , however they still allow busy employees to quickly check stock levels at a glance. This also allows you to limit and restrict how many sets of keys exist to open the wire partition security room. With contents of the wire partition easily viewable there is no need for multiple people to have multiple keys, or a single set of keys to pass through multiple sets of hands throughout the day.

Yankee Supply stocks or has direct access to a wide selection of new and used wire partitions, security rooms, and tool cribs – like wire mesh rooms or walls with swing or sliding doors and security fences. Contact Yankee Supply today and let us help you figure out the best options for your busy work space.

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