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5 Ways To Cut Construction Costs

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Construction costs add up quickly whether you are retrofitting an existing building or constructing a new one. Time is money, paying attention to details is crucial to ensuring that your project is done on time and stays within a budget. This holds true for a warehouse construction project, even though it may appear deceptively simple compared to a construction project on a house. 

Here are 5 tips for keeping costs in check and guaranteeing that construction runs effortlessly:

  1. There is nothing wrong with being particular about your construction site location. It can be expensive to import or export dirt. It also can be unsightly and lead to dust covered product. Choosing a site that is already flat can save you on an expensive upfront cost.
  2. The closer the building is positioned to the street, the closer it is to a water source and sewer line. This cuts down on the cost of hiring a professional to run the lines to your warehouse.
  3. Save money on paneling by making your warehouse square, rather than rectangular. This minimizes the amount of tilt-wall paneling that you will need during construction. Tilt-wall panel is frequently 3 times more expensive than floor slab, so a square warehouse has a much more cost efficient design.
  4. Don’t sweat the minor expenses; they aren’t what will break your budget. The biggest costs in construction come from the following 8 areas: concrete, design fees, general conditions, fire protection, steel, earthwork, site utilities, and roofing.
  5. Speaking of fire protection, sprinkler requirements change when a roof deck is more than 40 feet above the finished floor. Keep the underside of the warehouses roof below 40 feet to keep your costs down.

Now that you’ve learned how to save money on your construction project, here are 5 costs that may give you sticker shock at first, but will prove a blessing the long run:

  1. Spend extra money to include a good deceleration lane and a wide curve at the warehouse’s entry drive apron. Your truck drivers will greatly appreciate it.
  2. In a non-air-conditioned warehouse, consider high-volume/low-speed fans to increase air circulation to improve worker comfort.
  3. Choose LED lights instead of metal halide lights. The initial cost is higher, but it usually takes less than one year to recoup the cost in electrical savings, and you will continue to cut costs over time with a lower electric bill.
  4. Use motion sensors to turn lights on and off if skylights provide sufficient light. Save on energy costs by only having lights on when they are triggered by activity.
  5. Consider a white roof on your warehouse. A white surface reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the building cooler.