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Moving or Closing a Storage Facility? We’ve Got You Covered

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Are You Closing a Storage Facility? Upgrade, Relocate, or Sell!

warehouse moving relocating construction Let us make your transition period easy! Operating a storage facility can be an extremely stressful way to earn a living. With the thousands of moving parts and the minuscule time you have to store and then ship products, your equipment can take some serious wear and tear. If you’re looking to upgrade that equipment, we can come in and not only dismantle your current equipment; we’d like to buy it from you! Once your old stuff is out, we hope you’ll check out our expansive inventory for your new equipment.

Consider your warehouse is booming, and you’re looking to relocate to a bigger space. How are you going to dismantle your equipment and set up shop promptly? Yankee Supply has teams specially trained in equipment installation throughout the U.S., so wherever your move may take you, we will aid you throughout the entire process, and we will do it more quickly and effectively than any team in your area.

If you’re looking to liquidate your assets and just exit the storage business completely, we’ll have a team come in and give you a quote on ALL of your equipment. Whatever your situation or stage in your businesses lifecycle, we will be there to assist you in the most professional way possible. With the ability to buy, relocate, and upgrade your equipment, Yankee Supply is your go-to partner in the storage game!