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Flammable Cabinet

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Flammable Cabinets Keep Warehouse Staff Safe


Flammable Cabinets give a warehouse’s chemicals somewhere to live as well as keeping fumes away from workers or public breathing space and in many cases, if you are working with flammable liquids OSHA itself requires that you have a Flammable Cabinet.flammable cabinets

Flammable cabinets shall be designed and constructed to limit the internal temperature to not more than 325ºF when subjected to a standardized 10-minute fire test. All joints and seams shall remain tight and the door shall remain securely closed during the fire test. Storage cabinets shall be conspicuously labeled, “Flammable – Keep Fire Away.”

The bottom, top, door, and sides of metal cabinets shall be at least No. 18 gage sheet metal and double walled with 1½-inch air space. The door shall be provided with a three-point lock, and the door sill shall be raised at least 2 inches above the bottom of the cabinet.

Flammable Cabinets can run well over $500, and, if you have to buy multiple cabinets to meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements that cost can quickly add up.

Yankee Supply stocks factory 2nd Flammable Cabinets at discount prices. These flammable Cabinets have small paint chips, dents or minor scratches that do no compromise the structural integrity of the flammable cabinets. The defects are purely cosmetic and the flammable cabinets still meet all safety requirements.

If you are interested in purchasing a flammable cabinet for your business please contact Yankee Supply today. Yankee Supply buys factory second flammable cabinets by the truckload and pass those savings onto their customers.