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Staying Organized with a Workbench

steel top work bench on casters

In need of a place to store your tools, brushes, nails etc..? A workbench offers a convenient and organized solution for all your storage needs.

Workbenches are made with welded steel to ensure durability and withstand daily wear and tear. Butcher block or steel tops are available depending on the intended use, as well as storage options to accommodate all of your tools.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a workbench:

  1. Where will you be using your workbench? The size of the space and the intended use must be taken into consideration.  
  2. What will you be doing on the workbench? This will determine the surface material, storage requirements, and ergonomic considerations.

Organize your tools, and become more efficient in the process. Yankee Supply has both new and used workbenches available in stock for all your storage needs.


Give us a call or email us for more information on what we have in stock.




Get More Organized with a Heavy-Duty Work Bench

steel top work bench on casters

Looking for the perfect work bench to organize your workspace?

A heavy-duty work bench always comes made to order at Yankee Supply. Tell us what size you need, and we’re on it! We have depths from 24″ to 36″ deep and lengths up to 96″. Heights are decided by what will work for your application. Each bench comes painted machine grey.

Not only do we just have heavy duty work benches, but we also have a variety of new and used regular work benches. From butcher block, to steel, to laminated benches, we have something for you!

Check out some of our products here: 

Give us a call at 1-800-232-7225 and we’ll assist you in finding the work bench that’s perfect for you!


Thinking of Upgrading Your Workbench?

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Thinking of Upgrading Your Workbench?

work_bench_yankee_supply_new_englandA workbench (or work bench), rather than just a table is an important tool in anyone’s metaphorical toolbox.

Whether you’re a professional working in a warehouse or a hobbyist who needs to take apart your lawnmower’s engine you need a sturdy work surface, good lighting, and easy access to your tools.

Many might feel a simple table, purchased at the local discount store is more than adequate for their garage or project space but consider the following;

1. A work bench with multiple storage shelves can also help keep you organized. With multiple drawers that you can separate your tools into a work bench will help keep your workplace clean and tidy and ready for the next project.

2. With their metal construction and ability to withstand a high range of temperatures the surface of a workbench will stay smooth for many years.
A wood, or more likely plywood, table can split or splinter in the freezing New England weather. A work bench will just keep truckin’ on.

3. Many work benches come with wheels which makes for easy maneuvering. If this is a desired feature it is worth noting that some a workbench may come with 2, or 4, swivel wheels. Always look for a work bench with 4 swivel wheels. The additional cost is worth it for the additional mobility, especially with a workbench that is longer than 5 foot.

4. A good quality work bench is cheaper than you think! Especially if you buy used from Yankee Supply.

A study, metal workbench will last you for years. Possibly even generations with the right maintenance.  When the math is broken down an new discount table ever 1-2 years ends up more expensive in the long run than one work bench that will still be faithfully serving your needs 10 years from now.

This gift giving season consider giving the handyman or handywoman in your life a workbench. They might not know it at first but you will be giving their future projects a stable foundation and giving them a loyal tool for their toolbox.

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