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Custom ULD Racks are vital for the proper storage and safety of large cargo or ULDs. Improper storage and movement of these oversize items can cause significant financial damage to the products or inventory being shipped. Without tools and machinery to help store and keep ULDs organized, the maintenance and well-being of these items are often overlooked and storage of these items becomes disorganized and damaging to the products. Most facilities storing these items do not have the extra space to be frivolous about where they put them, so machinery that can assist and keep everything organized is vital to production and efficiency.  Depending on your setup, custom ULD racking may be what you need.

We manufacture a variety of custom ULD racks for both container and pallet storage:

  • PMC Centering Racks
  • ULD Storage Racks
  • ULD Pallet Storage Racks
  • PMC Centering Slave

These custom racking options are efficient because of the tapered frame. This allows the pallets to be easily shipped or transferred and the flared uprights allow for the storage of multiple pallets.

Yankee Supply can create a custom ULD rack or pallet storage rack for you and your facility. We have created custom racks for many leading cargo carriers for years. When placed in our racks, all items are self-centered which allows for easy access and transferability. If you have multiple-size pallets, we offer three-level ULD racks to fit those needs.

Examples of custom ULD racks we have built previously:

  • three-level ULD rack to store 95 x 240” pallets
  • two-level ULD racks to hold 20Kg loaded pallets. These were created for immediate loading at airfield facilities.

We can create custom racks similar to those previously listed, or another size or style that better fits what your facility storage requires. Contact us for more information and pricing. Ask for Tom Harper.

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