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Metal strapping tools (or banding tools) are small handheld tools that help to secure a loose load and hold it together. Steel strapping tools are used to wrap the strapping around the outside of a bundle of materials, then fasten it back to itself, which holds the loose cargo in one rather solid configuration.

Metal strapping and strapping tools can be used to hold metal, wood, piping, pallet rack, steel beams, and any other types of goods together. Steel strapping can also be used to hold heavy machinery (or similar) down to a pallet for transport.

Metal strapping tools are commonly used on shipping containers to help secure the cargo from falling out. It is also utilized in many different industries such as automotive manufacturing for holding metal panels together during the forming process. Metal strapping can be found in just about every type of industry where metal is found.

Metal strapping tensioners are used to tighten metal strapping around a bundle so it holds together. The metal strap is wrapped around the load and then banded back onto itself, securing the load. Steel strapping sealers are usually used on metal strapping that is already wrapped around a package. These metal banding tools have a metal bar that goes into the end of metal strapping, and then it is crimped back onto itself. Metal strapping cutters are used to trim metal bands after they have been wrapped around an object or package. A metal banding tool does not need to be bought in order to use metal strapping tools because many companies sell metal banding equipment that is already fitted to work with metal strapping.

Metal banding (or metal strapping) can be bought in many different widths and lengths, depending on the application and how much metal strapping a person wants to buy. The size of the metal band will vary according to the amount of internal pressure needed to hold the metal banded object together.

Steel strapping tools are made mostly out of metal, but some metal banding tools have a rubber handle so that the user does not get blisters from metal banging against metal. metal banding tools are used to do metal strapping in a factory or warehouse environment, but metal banding equipment can be purchased for metal banding at home as well. Some metal bands may need to be cut off the metal band roll before they can be applied onto a package or load that is being secured with metal strapping.

Metal strap cutters are metal banding tools that have a pair of metal jaws that work like an open-ended pipe cutter to snip off metal straps easily.

We also have full strapping kits available.

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