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Storage areas and production systems are in constant need of more space and a more organized and efficient method of storing large items. The sheer size of some pallets or large cargo loads makes it an extremely difficult job. If these large items are not stored properly, damage to the items or pallets can occur, causing large replacement or repair fees for the company. A Pallet Flow is a perfect solution to these storage and organization problems. This type of rack system will assist your company or warehouse space in both organization and storage.

This type of racking system functions from a first-in, first-out method of storage and organization. The items that are loaded first into the system will be moved along the rack system to the opposite unloading side. This is what results in that first-in, first-out type (FIFO) of system. As one load is removed, the loads behind it will move forward in the line-up. This helps keep a space organized and assists in remembering what items must be loaded into a system and then loaded out.

These systems are perfect for storage and warehouse spaces with a high density or high volume of product. If your space has quickly perishable or easily perishable items, this type of flow system is perfect to help make sure that the oldest items are the items unloaded and utilized first.

This type of flow system can be customized and adapted to fit your space and cargo or load dimensions. They are perfect for spaces with a need for a large amount of product rotation and removal.

Yankee Supply has Pallet Flow Rack Systems for sale. If you are interested in implementing one into your storage and organization system, you can give us a call to discuss pricing and availability.


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