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Organization is vital to any production space, warehouse, or office building. Not having a place to securely store items, products, and goods that stays organized and reliable, can hurt a company’s production time and quality. Storage bin shelving is a simple solution when a company needs to organize and place items away for a certain period of time until usage. This shelving requires individual bins that the items will be placed in on the shelves to help organize small to medium-sized groups of items.

Because this shelving uses bins to organize, finding the items you are looking for is always an easy task if the placement and organization is completed the way it needs to be from the beginning. The shelving that the bins use for placement is both sturdy and reliable. This particular unit comes with twelve shelves, but the units can be adjusted as you need. The bins offer an easy way to organize your items as they can be labeled the way that you want them or need them to be. This organization makes tracking down your items and products very simple. If you have a large unit of these shelves, you will be able to track down the bin you are looking for with ease if you have utilized the bin labels.

Yankee Supply has storage bin shelving available for sale. The dimensions of the shelving unit are 7’H x 18″ or 12″D X 36W and there are 12 shelves on this particular unit. It comes with 96 used bins that each have a dimension of 18″ or 12″ D x 4″W x 4″H. We have other bin sizes available if needed. We are currently offering a special price of $250 if you would like to purchase the unit unassembled and $300 if you would like the unit assembled before you receive it.

If you are interested, you can contact us for pricing and availability.

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