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Our used push back racking systems offer a cost-effective solution to your storage and distribution needs. This system incorporates a rack structure that utilizes nested carts moving along an incline rail to allow pallets to be retrieved easily. When using these systems, the first pallet is loaded on the front facing part of the system and is placed on top of the cart. When the second pallet is loaded, it will simultaneously push the first pallet back and allows the second pallet to be retrieved easily. This type of system offers a hyper-dense storage solution to accommodate tight spaces or allow you to utilize your warehouse space in other ways to support your production.

These systems are typically configured between two to five pallets deep, which adds to their ability to densely store materials and product. This type of system utilizes the LIFO (last in first out) method, so if you are working with materials that do not have an expiration date, this may be the perfect system for you! It does not require rear access or two way access of any kind, thus saving you space as you only need access from one side.

Used push back racking is much more efficient than standard selective rack systems since they utilize the nested carts that will provide you the ability to optimize your workspace. They do not require a lift truck to enter the structure to pick orders easily and it also does not require an entire bay to be dedicated to one particular product, thus allowing you to set up your warehouse in a manner that best suits your needs.

You can configure these systems in single wide rows and three wide tunnel sections. They are in excellent condition and dimensions are as follows:

  • 792  pallet positions 4 deep
  • 198  pallet positions 3 deep
  • Excellent condition
  • 3, 4 & 5 deep x 4 high (Ground + 3)
  • 26′ 8″ From Frames, 4″ Columns
  • Double Front Column (74″)
  • 53″ Opening, 6″ Arms.
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