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bag cart forklift attachment


Bag Cart Forklift Attachment

Please call Tom at 1-800-232-7225

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Bag Cart Forklift Attachment.

The new Yankee Supply Bag Cart Forklift Attachment is the latest innovation from the Yankee Air Cargo Group that is designed to facilitate the movement of bag carts, mail carts, cargo carts and ULD dollies within the warehouse environment.

The unit attaches to the fork blades quickly and easily allowing the operator to safely connect to the tongue of the cart or dolly with the lockable C-clamp and maneuver the units through any busy/congested warehouse environment.

The attachment will eliminate the practice of operators lifting and damaging carts and dollies as the blades of the forklift never come in contact with the equipment.

This is a piece of equipment that is designed to improve productivity and eliminate costly repairs at a very reasonable price and no maintenance costs!”

Please call  Tom a call at 1-800-232-7225 or you can email him at for more details.

See below videos to see it used in the field:




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