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Push Back Rack
push back rack
push back rack
push back rack
Push Back Rack
push back rack
push back rack
push back rack


Used Push Back Rack

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Used Push back rack

Push-back rack combines a stationary rack structure with nested carts that move along inclined rails. The first pallet, which is loaded from the front, is placed on top of the cart. When the second pallet is loaded, it pushes back the first pallet, exposing the second cart, and so on.

Usually configured two to five pallets deep, these systems offer dense storage. Like flow rack, push-back rack does not require a lift truck to enter the racking structure or require an entire bay to be dedicated to one product. Push-back rack manages inventory on a last-in/first-out basis and requires less space than flow-rack because rear access is not necessary.

NOW AVAILABLE ……Used push back rack

Configured in single wide rows and three wide tunnel sections

  • 792  pallet positions 4 deep
  • 198  pallet positions 3 deep
  • Excellent condition
  • 3, 4 & 5 deep x 4 high (Ground + 3)
  • 26′ 8″ From Frames, 4″ Columns
  • Double Front Column (74″)
  • 53″ Opening, 6″ Arms.


push back rack             push back rack

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