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Proper organization and storage in a warehouse or production space is vital to a company’s efficiency, safety, and product turn-around. The storage of large items or a high volume of cargo can be complicated. Improper storage can result in a company losing or damaging items and cause costly replacement and repair.  Gravity Flow Racking Systems are an ideal option for improving both organization and storage of high density and volume items. If your production space or company is needing to improve the ease with which you unload products and cargo in a timely and efficient manner, this type of system would be a valuable addition to your space.

This type of racking system works on a slope. Items are loaded into the system on a first-in, first-out basis. The items needing to be removed and unloaded first will be placed in the gravity flow system and travel to the opposite end of the racking system. This side is considered the unloading end. As items are removed when they need to be, the subsequent items move forward toward the unloading end. It is important to be mindful of what items will need to be unloaded first when storing and organizing loads onto this type of racking system.

This system is ideal to help with organization but is also perfect for items that are quickly or easily perishable. If the older items are loaded in first, they will also be the first items removed. This helps keep a system of organization that enforces using older and items that will perish sooner in place.

Yankee Supply has Gravity Flow Racking Systems for sale. If your space is in need of a system to assist in your efficiency with storage and organization, you can give us a call to discuss pricing and availability.

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