Warehouse Solutions Design

Warehouse Design

Implementing warehouse solutions involves custom tailored warehouse design, flow planning, equipment, installation, and sometimes even customized fabrication solutions. Our team of material handling experts is well versed in all aspects of the process and have been designing and implementing storage systems within multiple industries for over 40 years.

Our team utilizes state of the art software to design the perfect system and plan an optimal warehouse flow design to maximize the efficiency of your space, while keeping safety and regulatory concerns in mind. Our design capacity includes warehouse racking systems, mezzanines, multiple types of conveyor systems, shelving systems, loading dock systems, and more.

Yankee Warehouse Solutions Design Deliverables:

  • Concept Drawings

  • Floor & Flow Plan

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Detailed CAD Schematics

  • Equipment Load Capacities

  • Installation Planning & Schedule

Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Designing the ideal space involves outfitting it with the right equipment for your specific application. With years of experience in New England and beyond, we are very familiar with designing warehouses and distribution centers for a wide variety of industries, including the food industry, medical, airline, automotive, office supply, carpentry/construction, technology, and more.

Knowing the right system to use will get you more bang for your buck. For the right application, installing a push-back or drive-thru racking system will expand your storage capacity 200-300 percent.

With a wide variety of new and used inventory, Yankee is often a one-stop-shop for many of our customers. With a wide variety of good and like-new inventory, we can even help you save 20-30 percent, without sacrificing quality.

material handling systems and installation


With design out of the way, executing a clean, correct, and reasonably swift installation is the next step. Our install crews are well versed in all types of material handling systems and installation, including safety concerns and working with existing equipment, operations, and processes. Our crews are conscious of your day-to-day operations and timelines, so we can be as flexible as possible within your workflow.

We are trusted by many industry leading companies, organizations, and government agencies. Our install crews are vetted and trusted before we send them into your facility.

With multiple installation crews of various sizes, we can get to your install in a timely manner and dispatch the right crew to your facility to maximize efficiency. Depending on the size of your install, we may be able to complete your install in less than a day. However, many of our projects are done within 3-14 days, with install size, specific customer needs, and install crew size being the largest determining factors. We can even install overnight, on weekends, and on holidays, so that your regular workflow isn’t disrupted in any capacity.

rack inspection repair

Rack Inspection & Repair

Even with the best installation and the right rails, guards, and training, racks inevitably need to be repaired from time to time.  Left unrepaired, rack failure and even collapse becomes an increasing risk, as more and more components begin to wear, rust, sag, or become damaged.  

This is where our rack inspections come in.  We can inspect your racks, make recommendations, and make the necessary repairs.  We can do a one time inspection and repairs, or we can schedule your facility for routine inspections at a reasonable cadence, which can keep your facility in top shape moving forward. 

Reach out and we can begin a free consultation today.

custom fabrication

Custom Fabrication

In addition to our regular warehouse solutions, we also offer custom fabrication, to make Yankee your turn-key solution for all your material handling and warehouse needs. Our custom fabrication options include:

  • Mezzanines

  • Heavy Duty Workbenches

  • Material Chutes

  • Supply Hoppers

  • Safety Guarding

  • Carts & Trucks

  • Machine Bases

  • Custom Rack Heights

  • Custom Painted Products

  • ...and Much More!

Give us a call at 800.232.7225 if you have an inquiry concerning our fabrication capabilities or any of your warehouse needs.

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