Warehouse Locker Buyer’s Guide

  1. How many locker openings are required? Determine the number of people that need a locker, and the amount of available space for the lockers.
  2. Locker opening size needed – Consider what will be stored in the lockers.
  3. Style of locker – once the size needed is determined other factors may influence your decision. Do the lockers need to be ventilated for visibility or air circulation? Is corrosive resistance needed?
  4. What kind of handle / lock do you want? –Padlock with key or combination lock. Recessed handle with no lock or with mounted combination lock? Padlock with built in key lock?

Most common locker style:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.03.26 AM

Locker Lingo:

Full door lockers – 1 door that goes from the top to bottom of the unit. This is ideal for storing multiple items like Coats, full length uniforms, hats etc…

Half door lockers – 2 door that are stacked for the height of the unit. These are ideal for storing work shirts, and jackets.

Box Lockers – Small square doors multiple per bank. These are ideal for storing keys, pocketbooks and shoes.

3 Tier Lockers – 3 doors that are stacked high for the height of the unit. These are ideal for storing work shirts, and jackets, and pocketbooks.

A Bank – is the unit as a whole 1st picture above is bank of 3 full doors and the 3rd picture is a bank of 6 half door.

Mesh front – As shown in picture 2 above.  This is great way to have visibility or if air circulation is needed.

Price per door is how we price out the lockers.  If the cost is $70.00 a door for a full door, then the cost of the 1st picture would be $210.00 (bank of 3 full doors at $70 each).  Or if the cost is $30.00 a half door the cost for the 3rd picture would be $180.00 (bank of 6 half doors at $30 each)


Please note:  Due to space configuration the number of doors per bank can vary as it would depend on the layout of the area the lockers were stored.


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