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Rivet racking is a sturdy, quickly-installed alternative to other types of shelving. It can be used for lighter to medium-weight items and boxes. This form of shelving provides access on all four sides, which makes it the ideal option for unloading and loading different types of stock items. The four open sides also make rivet shelving useful for nontraditionally shaped boxes, cases, or items.

This shelving can be easily adapted and formed to fit whatever type of space you need it for. Posts and shelf beams can be connected together as long or high as you have space for. If you need floor-to-ceiling shelving, rivet shelves are an ideal option. The steel looks both professional and industrial, so whether you are needing it for front or back of shop, it will work for you.

The strength of rivet shelving comes from tear-drop-shaped holes in the posts and button-shaped connectors on the shelf beams. The buttons slide into the holes or “rivets” which creates a strong and stable connection.

Rivet shelving is easily assembled and disassembled. All that is needed for assembly is a mallet. There are no nuts or bolts required. All parts of rivet shelving are made to fit together, which increases both the durability and strength of the shelves. There are no extra pieces installed that will move or become loose and cause instability.

This used rivet racking includes particle boards for decking and can be cut if needed.

84″H x 96″W

  • 24″ D
  • 36″ D
  • 48″ D

This shelving is a reliable and ergonomic addition to any warehouse, storage space, office, or loading/unloading area. The easy access gives you so many options for what size and shape items can be stored. These shelves and their functional style can be used in almost any space and arranged to fit whatever your storage need is.


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