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    Pallet shrink wrap the transportation and storage of items and products is as important as the creation of the item itself. The transportation of large items on pallet shrink wrap or other methods of movement can be complicated and overwhelming for warehouse staff and workers to efficiently and safely complete without damaging the products themselves. Pallet shrink wrap is an extra step in your transportation or storage, but will save your business, warehouse or storage space significant costs in repairs or replacements.
Pallet shrink wrap items is a simple process that can save your company or warehouse both time and money when used to protect products and items on large pallets or other methods of storage and transportation. Shrink wrap is a simple method of protection that is used to cover products or items through a plastic film and a source of heat. As long as you have the correct type of pallet shrink wrap and an effective source of heat, you should be able to effectively use shrink wrap to protect your pallets and other stored or transported items. Shrink wrap can be used with either a conveyor of heat or a heat gun. When the heat is applied to the plastic, the pallet shrink wrap around the item adding a reliable barrier between it and anything it comes in contact with. Shrink wrap is usually clear, so users are able to see what items are currently stored or being transported.
Yankee Supply currently has pallet shrink wrap or stretch wrap available. The details and dimensions are as follows:

  • 18″ X 15,000

  • 80 Mill Case of 4 Rolls.

We also have hand dispensers available if needed. If you are interested in adding this method of protection and coverage to your storage or transportation areas, you can give Yankee Supply a call to inquire about pricing and availability.

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