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The 7 Essential Desires Customizing Air Cargo Spaces for Beneficial Productivity

In 2021, supply chain issues disrupted the global economy, and while peak levels have since returned to stasis, the cargo industry remains hyper-aware of consumer trends and fulfillment needs. This is especially true for air cargo operations, especially given that so many airlines expanded their air freight offerings to meet growing consumer demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you work in logistics or warehouse management, then you know the importance of each cog in the machine. Every detail matters, and the sum is only as good as the parts that make it a whole. Quality materials and organization makes a difference in efficiency.

For those in the air cargo industry, customizing air cargo space can save time and money so managers and staff spend less time figuring out extraneous planning, and more time focusing on how to gain a competitive advantage in a fast-growing, but expensive market.

Read on to learn how you can maximize your air freight space to stay ahead.

Better Air Cargo Handling for Better Business

Transport remains a contentious topic as the world adjusts to post-pandemic consumer trends, but one way to stay ahead in air freight cargo is to ensure safe, secure, and efficient handling.

At Yankee Supply, we offer the best in air cargo handling equipment, including transfer stations, floor scales, racks, and more.

Find A System That Fits Your Air Cargo Transfer Area

When determining your air cargo needs, the first question to ask yourself should be “What part of the shipping process can be automated or made easier with the use of special equipment or machinery?” At Yankee Supply, we work with customers to help answer that question.

We are a growth-oriented company focused on being a valuable resource for our customers, employees, and community. That means offering the best air cargo supplies and systems that make lives easier. When you choose us as a supplier, you know you’re getting the best equipment and supplies for your air cargo transfer area.

Air Cargo Drive-In Racking Made Easy

We have a few different types of pallet rack systems to choose from, including:

  • Selective Rack

The most common type of pallet storage; this is a shelf-based design.

  • Double Deep Rack

This type is twice as deep as a selective rack. This offers more storage, but less flexibility.

  • Gravity Flow Rack

The advantage of this type of rack is the versatility of being a combination of a stationary rack structure, and one that has a conveyor.

  • Push Back Rack

This type of rack has nested carts that travel via inclined rails. Storage capacity is sufficient, but not as dense as what drive through racks offer.

  • Drive-In & Drive-Through Rack

Finally, our drive-in and drive-through racks are a popular option for organized storage. Both types of racks are identical, with the one difference being that drive-in racks have one point of entry for trucks, while a drive-through rack allows a truck to drive through an area so that there are two entrances.

When it comes to air cargo, you’re dealing with materials on a large scale. Because of this, it’s understandable that the most difficult part of any air cargo logistics job is to ensure that everything is calculated with this scale in mind.

A high-quality air cargo drive-in racking system is a space-saving investment. There’s no need for items to take up the entire floor of a warehouse, and having a system in place allows for automation without a second thought.

How It Works

Drive-in racking works by storing air cargo pallets first-in/last-out in the racking unit. This system ensures that items stored last will be the first to be unloaded. Once you have this system in place, you can predict unloading times and know exactly which item will be unloaded next. This system also works for LD3 and bulky cargo.

What You Need for Your Air Cargo Casters

Achieving a safe and efficient transfer is top priority with air cargo casters. Whether employees are working in an air supply space or production location, safety measures need to be regulated. One way this can be accomplished is through the use of air cargo caster decks.

How It Works

Because the air cargo items being transferred are so large, technical machinery is needed to ensure efficiency and worker safety. The caster system allows you to rotate and lift pallets with ease. When you choose to use a caster deck system, you have the option of using a scissor lift for assistance. This system can save a company a lot of money that might otherwise be lost.

If a shipment is damaged because the right machinery is not in place, that’s money down the drain. That’s why air cargo customization is a worthwhile investment.

Scales, Conveyor Belts, and Beyond

Going through airport security is a pain for your everyday travel, but those pains are maximized in the world of air cargo and freight management.

To ease the headache of handling air freight operations, Yankee Supply offers a variety of custom-made furniture and units that can be installed in air transport facilities to help expedite operations. These custom builds include air cargo floor scales and even full-scale airport inspection stations that can be installed at any airport or air cargo facility.

Get Set up for Supply Chain Success

In early 2022, The New York Times addressed the current state of national supply chain efforts. With the “Great Supply Chain Disruption,” supply chain professionals need to invest in technology to solve modern issues.

While warehouses are filling up quickly, there’s a need now more than ever for increased organization to aleve this demand for shipments. Yankee Supply is here to assist companies in their return to normalcy.

As the end of Q4 draws near, it is essential that you set up your cargo management for success by staying up to date on efficiency-maximizing equipment.

Ready for Customizing Air Cargo Space?

At Yankee Supply, our experience with both large and small airport cargo needs allows us to anticipate customer expectations. We handle everything from material fabrication to installation and liquidation. We also offer a product selection tailored to air cargo needs.

Whether you need air cargo customization at a small-town airport, or for JFK International Airport, we help you get it done.

If you’re ready to cut down on air cargo costs and get the most out of your warehouse space—call us today or get a quote online.

Yankee Supply is an industry leader in warehouse and material handling supply. We have over 40 years of experience. Learn more about us here.

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