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A secure foundation to walk, drive, or maneuver items onto and off of is crucial to a space that moves, transfers, and stores large or heavy items. Steel Bar Grating is the perfect surface to choose for those areas that require a secure, non-slip area to move on and off of. This surface is made up of high-quality steel and comprised of individual steel bars. The steel bar grating are welded or configured together in a criss-cross pattern to provide a secure and heavy-duty surface that will last over time.

This type of steel bar grating is typically used as part of a walkway or staircase, but it can be used both in and out of industrial spaces. The benefit of this type of surface is that it allows water, air, heat, and other forces to fall through the openings to avoid accumulation. They are commonly used as part of the foundation for water display areas as the grating keeps large amounts of water from accumulating in the area.

This grating is helpful if platforms or surface areas need to be added inside an enclosed space, including on mezzanines and catwalks. It allows for easy ventilation and can also be used as ventilation grates. It is multi-purpose, so whatever you need a secure, long-lasting surface for, it will work for you or fit in your space.

Yankee Supply can provide you with like-new steel bar grating specifically made to fit in your space. We offer multiple sizes, but most are 39 inches wide. If you have a project in mind that needs a surface area of this quality, you can give us a call to find out more about pricing and what we can offer for your project.

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