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Having a sturdy, reliable location to complete your work is necessary for any employee or individual who is completing work that needs some sort of flat or consistent surface. Some workers may just need a flat service for the simple production of lightweight items, but others may be required to complete work and production with large or heavy items. Some may need a surface that can handle constant pressure and pounding of materials. A heavy-duty workbench is a simple, easy, and ergonomic solution to those heavy-duty production needs. These workbenches can take a serious load and a consistent beating from those using them for their work and production.

These workbenches are made from heavy-duty and high-quality steel that will last for a long period of time in your space. The durability of the steel and assembly of the workbench gives it the ability to handle thousands of pounds at a time. The height of these workbenches can be easily adjusted to fit the individual needs of each worker or employee or requirements of the production process that is taking place. These workbenches offer a wider and larger surface area than workstations. Whereas workstations may typically be used in a production or assembly line, these workbenches can be used for individual work that requires a significant amount of space, time, and attention.

Yankee Supply has heavy-duty workbenches for sale. They are currently $400 apiece and the dimensions are as follows:

  • Depths: from 24to 36dee

  • Lengths: up to 96

  • Height: can vary as it can be adjusted to fit specific needs or individuals.

  • Color: Benches Painted Machine Gray

If your space is in need of a reliable, durable area to complete regular heavy-duty work, one of these benches is a simple and effective solution. You will be able to use one of these benches for almost any task that your workspace has. For pricing and availability, you can give Yankee Supply a call.

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