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Mezzanine railing is a safety feature used on industrial mezzanines. A mezzanine is a floor in an industrial building, warehouse, or factory. It is so called because it is halfway up the building; mezzanine therefore means “halfway” floor in Italian or “median” in latin. A mezzanine allows extra space without increasing headroom and so making construction more economically viable when compared to adding only another full story or making the mezzanine too low to be comfortable.

Mezzanine railings are a must for employee safety. They are an open framework of mezzanine walkways used for access to mezzanines. The mezzanine hand railing protects the people from falling or slipping off mezzanines, mezzanine stairs, mezzanine platforms, and mezzanine balconies which provide safe passage between two or more levels. These mezzanine railings are customized for mezzanines of any size, shape and height. The mezzanine railing needs to be designed with wide steps to make them easy to be climbed by the employees working or passing through mezzanines. Any mezzanine that is four feet high or more should have mezzanine railing installation.

In addition to mezzanine railing, we also supply mezzanine design services, mezzanine lift-out gates, mezzanine stairs, mezzanine decking, and more.

For all things mezzanine, give our experts a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or guide you to a more productive mezzanine configuration.

All Yankee railing is custom designed to fit your installation and we also handle the installation for you.

We also design and install all things mezzanine.  For more information, visit our Fabrication page.

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