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For the storage of long, oddly shaped items and stock, a cantilever racking system is an ideal option. These storage systems are often referred to as lumber storage racks because they are the best type of shelf for items of that size and shape.

Storing or organizing lumber and other long, thin, bulky, or tube-shaped items is a hassle because of the shape and length. Cantilever systems can store pipes, large carpets, furniture and plywood along with many other long-length items. They have even been used to store small cars and boats. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The front posts of most shelving or storage systems make loading and unloading long items a difficult and time-consuming task. Cantilever shelving solves that front post issue. There is no front post. There is only an upright back post with arms attached. These arms extend out from the upright and can be adjusted to fit whatever length item it is needed for. This arm feature allows direct access to the items for swift loading and unloading. The setup also includes a base for the foundation and braces that help maintain the durability of the system.

Cantilever systems can be configured to fit and hold items of different lengths and sizes. The arms and uprights provide options for configuring them to different dimensions. The weight capacity of a cantilever system is high and it can often hold items that are too heavy or unsafe for other types of shelving systems.

This cantilever racking system is new and a reliable choice for heavy-duty storage needs. The brace sets can be made in any additional sizes if needed.


Uprights: 8’H, 12’H and 16″H
Bases: 48″
Arms: 48″
Brace Sets: 48″ and 60″

Some items are not best stored on traditional shelving systems. Cantilever racks are an easily installed and safer alternative for items that do not properly fit or store well on other types of shelves.

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