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The set-up in a warehouse, storage space, or production area can change over time and depend on the current need. Having the ability to adjust and formulate the way you transport your goods and material based on your current need is a flexibility that many spaces can benefit from.

An expandable conveyor is an ergonomic investment to your space that allows you to change your transport system as you need to.

This skate wheel conveyor allows your production and transport team to consistently and efficiently transport your goods through this conveyor system in a stand-alone fashion or implemented into another.

The mobility of this conveyor allows it to be moved around your space as you need and stored when it is not of use.

Its ability to fold and expand gives it the flexibility and convenience to be used when it is needed and folded or rolled together to be put in an area out of the way until it is needed again for transfer.

The conveyer can bend and be placed around items because of its expandability and flexibility. It can be curved around corners or other conveyor belts and machinery.

Expandable conveyors are also frequently used to extend conveyor into a tractor trailer for non-palletized unloading operations. The skate wheel conveyor deck of the machinery is not electrically powered and when in use the conveyor can be placed anywhere.

This used expandable conveyor available through Yankee Supply is like new and will be able to fit whatever transport need your warehouse has.

These belts are both flexible and heavy-duty, so you will be able to maneuver it into any area that you need and it will last well over time even if being used with medium to heavy loads.

The dimensions, sizing, and pricing of the available belts are:

  • 24″w x 20′ long closed and 70′ long opened.

Call Yankee Supply for pricing and availability.

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