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When it comes to optimizing warehouse space and efficiently storing long, bulky items, used cantilever racking stands as a reliable solution. This specialized shelving system offers a practical and cost-effective way to organize materials such as lumber, piping, and steel bars. Cantilever racking’s design, featuring arms that extend from vertical columns, allows for easy loading and unloading without the constraints of traditional shelving.

Used cantilever rack is characterized by its durability and versatility, making it a popular choice among warehouse managers seeking to maximize storage capacity while ensuring accessibility. Unlike conventional pallet racking, which may struggle to accommodate irregularly shaped items, cantilever racks excel in handling long and cumbersome materials with ease.

The primary function of used cantilever shelving is to provide an open layout that allows for quick identification and retrieval of goods. This feature is particularly advantageous in environments where inventory turnover is high and efficiency is paramount. Additionally, the ability to adjust arm heights offers flexibility in accommodating items of varying sizes.

While some may consider investing in brand-new shelving systems, opting for cantilever racking second hand presents numerous benefits. Not only does it offer significant cost savings, but it also allows businesses to acquire quality storage solutions without compromising on performance. Furthermore, the availability of used cantilever racking for sale means that warehouse managers can quickly expand their storage capacity as needed, without the lead times associated with ordering new equipment.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll delve deeper into the features and advantages of used cantilever rack, explore reputable manufacturers in the industry, and shed light on alternative names by which this versatile shelving system is known.

About Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a specialized type of storage system designed to efficiently store long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items. Unlike traditional pallet racking, which utilizes horizontal beams to support pallets, cantilever racking features arms that extend outward from vertical columns, creating an open layout that allows for easy loading and unloading.

Characteristics of Cantilever Racking

One of the key features of cantilever racking is its ability to accommodate items of varying lengths and sizes. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for storing materials such as lumber, piping, steel bars, and furniture, which may not fit neatly onto standard pallets. Additionally, cantilever racking can be customized with adjustable arm heights to suit the specific requirements of different products, maximizing storage space and optimizing accessibility.

Benefits of Used Cantilever Racking

1. Efficient Use of Space

Used cantilever rack maximizes vertical storage space by eliminating the need for horizontal beams between upright columns, allowing for the storage of long items without obstruction. This efficient use of space is particularly advantageous in warehouses and industrial facilities where floor space is at a premium.

2. Easy Accessibility

The open design of cantilever racking allows for quick and easy access to stored items, facilitating faster loading and unloading processes. This accessibility is essential for optimizing warehouse operations and improving overall efficiency.

3. Versatility

Cantilever racking is highly versatile and can be adapted to accommodate a wide range of products, from lightweight lumber to heavy-duty steel bars. With adjustable arm heights and the ability to add additional arms or shelves as needed, cantilever racking offers flexibility to meet the evolving storage needs of businesses.

4. Durability

Constructed from robust materials such as steel, cantilever racking is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Its sturdy design ensures long-term reliability and minimizes the risk of damage to stored items, providing peace of mind to warehouse managers.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in cantilever racking represents a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their storage space. Compared to traditional pallet racking systems, cantilever racking offers greater flexibility and efficiency at a competitive price point, making it a smart investment for businesses of all sizes.

Advantages of Cantilever Racking

Enhanced Storage Capacity

Cantilever racking allows for the efficient storage of long, bulky items, maximizing vertical space and increasing overall storage capacity. By eliminating the need for horizontal beams, cantilever racking provides unobstructed access to stored items, allowing for greater density and organization within the warehouse.

Improved Accessibility and Efficiency

The open design of cantilever racking facilitates easy access to stored items, enabling faster loading and unloading processes. This enhanced accessibility reduces the time and labor required to retrieve products, improving overall warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Customizable Configurations

Cantilever racking can be customized to meet the specific needs of different products and storage environments. With adjustable arm heights and the ability to add accessories such as dividers and end stops, cantilever racking offers flexibility to accommodate a wide range of items, from lightweight lumber to heavy-duty steel bars.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Constructed from high-quality materials such as steel, cantilever racking is built to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Its sturdy design ensures long-term durability, minimizing the need for repairs or replacements and providing a reliable storage solution for years to come.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in cantilever racking offers significant cost savings compared to alternative storage solutions. By maximizing vertical space and improving accessibility, cantilever racking reduces the need for additional storage equipment and labor, resulting in lower operational costs and improved profitability for businesses.

Industries Implementing Used Cantilever Systems

Used cantilever systems find a myriad of practical applications across various industries and settings, thanks to their versatility and efficiency in storing long and bulky items. Let’s explore some common scenarios where these shelving solutions prove invaluable:

1. Construction

In the construction industry, used cantilever systems are essential for organizing and storing construction materials such as lumber, pipes, and drywall. Construction sites often face space constraints, making it crucial to maximize storage efficiency. Cantilever racks provide a convenient solution for keeping materials organized and accessible, helping construction crews complete projects on time and within budget.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities rely on used cantilever systems to store raw materials, components, and finished products. Whether it’s steel bars, automotive parts, or machinery components, cantilever racks offer a flexible storage solution that can adapt to the diverse needs of manufacturing operations. Their open design allows for easy access to items, facilitating efficient production processes and minimizing downtime.

3. Retail

In the retail sector, used cantilever systems are commonly used for displaying and storing large merchandise such as furniture, appliances, and building materials. Retailers benefit from the ability to showcase products in an organized and visually appealing manner, enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Cantilever racks provide ample storage space while allowing for easy browsing and selection of items.

4. Automotive

Automotive workshops and garages utilize used cantilever systems to store spare parts, tools, and equipment. From tires and exhaust systems to body panels and engine components, automotive businesses rely on efficient storage solutions to maintain a well-organized workspace. Cantilever racks offer adjustable configurations that can accommodate items of various shapes and sizes, helping mechanics streamline their operations.

5. Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and logistics companies rely on used cantilever systems to store and manage inventory efficiently. Whether it’s long steel beams, PVC pipes, or bulky furniture, cantilever racks provide a space-saving solution that maximizes storage capacity. Warehouse managers appreciate the versatility and accessibility of cantilever racks, which help optimize inventory management processes and improve overall operational efficiency.

6. Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores utilize used cantilever systems to showcase a wide range of products, from gardening supplies and fencing materials to plumbing fixtures and electrical components. By efficiently organizing merchandise and providing clear visibility to customers, these shelving solutions enhance the shopping experience and contribute to increased sales.

7. Kayaks, Canoes, & Small Boats

Outdoor recreational equipment such as kayaks, canoes, and small boats can be safely stored on used cantilever racks. The open design of the racks allows for easy loading and unloading of watercraft, while the sturdy construction ensures that they remain securely in place. Whether in retail stores or outdoor adventure centers, cantilever racks provide a convenient storage solution for these large and cumbersome items.

8. Carpet Rolls

Carpet rolls are another common item that can be efficiently stored on used cantilever racks. The long, cylindrical shape of carpet rolls makes them challenging to store using traditional shelving systems. Cantilever racks offer a space-saving solution for organizing and accessing carpet rolls, allowing retailers and carpet suppliers to maximize storage capacity and streamline inventory management.

9. Sports Equipment Storage

Sports facilities and gyms utilize used cantilever systems to store equipment such as skis, snowboards, and kayaks. The adjustable arm heights of these shelving systems allow for efficient organization of bulky sports gear, ensuring that items are easily accessible to staff and patrons alike.

10. Manufactured Signage

Manufactured signage, such as banners, posters, and display boards, can be safely stored on used cantilever racks. These long and flat items require specialized storage solutions to prevent damage and ensure easy access. Cantilever racks provide a sturdy and adjustable platform for organizing signage materials, allowing businesses to keep their promotional materials organized and readily available for deployment.

11. Other Long Custom Fabricated Materials

In addition to the aforementioned items, used cantilever racks can also accommodate a variety of other long custom fabricated materials. These may include metal extrusions, plastic molding, and architectural components. Cantilever racks provide a flexible storage solution for these specialized materials, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their inventory and optimize workspace utilization.

Used cantilever racks offer versatile storage options for a wide range of long, bulky, and irregularly shaped items, including kayaks, carpet rolls, manufactured signage, and other custom fabricated materials. Their adaptable configurations and sturdy construction make them an ideal storage solution for businesses across various industries, allowing for efficient organization and easy access to stored items.

Manufacturers of Used Cantilever Racking

When it comes to reliable suppliers of used cantilever racking, several reputable manufacturers stand out in the industry. Let’s explore some of the top providers, starting with our own line at Yankee Supply Company:

1. Yankee Supply Company (Yes, we have our own line)

As a trusted provider of industrial storage solutions, Yankee Supply Company offers its own line of high-quality used cantilever racking. With a commitment to durability and reliability, our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of warehouse and industrial settings.

2. Mecalux

Mecalux is a global leader in the manufacturing of storage systems, including cantilever racking. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Mecalux offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the unique requirements of different industries.

3. Steel King Industries

Steel King Industries is renowned for its durable and versatile storage solutions, including cantilever racking systems. With a reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliability, Steel King Industries provides products that meet the demands of even the most challenging warehouse environments.

4. UNARCO Material Handling

UNARCO Material Handling is a trusted name in the material handling industry, known for its innovative storage solutions. With a wide range of cantilever racking options available, UNARCO Material Handling provides products that are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer.

5. Cogan

Cogan specializes in the design and manufacture of storage and safety solutions for industrial and commercial applications. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Cogan’s cantilever racking systems are designed to maximize space utilization and improve warehouse efficiency.

6. Ridg-U-Rak

Ridg-U-Rak specializes in the design and manufacture of storage rack systems, including cantilever racking. With a focus on customer satisfaction and product innovation, Ridg-U-Rak delivers solutions that optimize storage space and enhance operational efficiency.

7. Husky Rack & Wire

Husky Rack & Wire is a leading provider of material handling solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products including cantilever racking. With a commitment to quality and customer service, Husky Rack & Wire ensures that its products meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

8. Sturdi-Bilt Storage Systems

Sturdi-Bilt Storage Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty storage solutions, including cantilever racking. With a focus on strength and durability, Sturdi-Bilt Storage Systems offers products that are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

9. Mac Rac

Mac Rac is known for its innovative approach to storage solutions, offering a diverse range of products including cantilever racking. With a focus on customization and flexibility, Mac Rac provides solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

10. Penco Products

Penco Products is a leading manufacturer of storage and material handling solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products including cantilever racking. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Penco Products delivers solutions that optimize storage space and improve workflow efficiency.

When it comes to selecting a supplier for used cantilever racking, it’s essential to choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of quality and reliability. Whether you opt for our own line at Yankee Supply Company or choose from other reputable manufacturers such as Mecalux, Steel King Industries, or Ridg-U-Rak, you can trust that you’re investing in a storage solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Alternative Names for Used Cantilever Racks

Exploring the diverse terminology used in the industry, here are some alternative names for used cantilever racks:

  • Cantilever Shelving
  • Cantilever Storage System
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Lumber Racks
  • Pipe Racks
  • Bar Racks
  • Furniture Racks
  • Stock Racks
  • Material Racks
  • Heavy-Duty Racks
  • Outdoor Storage Racks
  • Warehouse Racks
  • Industrial Racks
  • Specialty Racks
  • Tower Racks
  • Single Sided Cantilever Rack
  • Double Sided Cantilever Rack
  • Cantilever Pallet Racks
  • Cantilever Arms

These various terms reflect the versatility and adaptability of cantilever racking systems in accommodating different types of materials and goods, ranging from lumber and pipes to furniture and stock items. Whether referred to as shelving, storage systems, or specialized racks, the fundamental functionality and utility of cantilever racks remain consistent across industries and applications.

In conclusion, used cantilever racks offer a versatile and efficient storage solution for a wide range of industries and applications. From lumber and pipes to furniture and stock items, these racks provide optimal organization and accessibility.

With reputable manufacturers like Yankee Supply Company and Mecalux leading the way, along with various alternative names reflecting their adaptability, businesses can trust in the reliability and durability of cantilever racking systems. Whether in warehouses, industrial facilities, or outdoor storage areas, investing in used cantilever racks ensures optimized space utilization and streamlined operations. Make the smart choice for your storage needs and experience the benefits of cantilever racks firsthand.

Used cantilever racks are a cost-effective solution for your industrial storage needs. Our used cantilever shelves are top notch and we can handle the design and installation for you, anywhere in the country.

Let us know your your needs and we will match these with the perfect cantilever rack implementation. Please let us know what you will be storing, along with dimensions and weight loads, so we can tailor the best and safest solution for your needs. Call us today and ask about our used cantilever racking!

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