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Slave Palletst transferring and moving large items of cargo or ULD’s is a process that every air cargo warehouse or transfer and production area spends a significant amount of time with. These large cargo items can weigh several thousand pounds and have to be moved thousands of miles through the air and sky. Slave Pallets are a way to move these large items in a way that is safe for the products being transferred and smooth and efficient for the individual completing the transfer.

ULDs can carry a significant amount of products or stock across a country or multiple states. Because these cargo containers are used as air cargo and have to be placed on planes, the containers themselves have to be lightweight enough to not add any more weight to the plane. The items within the container or pallet carry a significant amount of the allotted weight, so the containers the items are placed in need to be lighter and take up less of the weight allowed on the plane. This allows for more products to be transferred and moved at one time.

Because these containers are lightweight and carrying large and heavy amounts of items and products, damage can easily be done to them during the transfer. Damage to these containers can lead to damage of the product, causing the manufacturer or air cargo transfer company costly replacement or repair fees.

A Slave Palletst is one method for easy, safe, and smooth transfer of these items. Items can be loaded on and off of the slave pallet easily because of the conveyor portion of the tool. Forklifts or other transfer machinery can move the ULD placed on top of the pallet together. The durability of this piece of transfer equipment allows ULDs to be stored and transferred without damage. The pallet adds a secure and heavy-duty bottom to the ULD or large cargo. These slave pallets can also be configured into a large conveyor system used for moving and maneuvering multiple ULD or large cargo containers.

Yankee Supply has the ability and experience to adjust the equipment to meet your specific needs and requirements. You can contact us for pricing and availability.

Please call  Tom at 1-800-232-7225 or you can email him at for more details.

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