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Seen in middle schools and high schools across the world, these three tier lockers have become a necessity in almost any school building or gym facility. Lockers are the optimal system for visitors or patrons to be able to securely store and put away their personal items. Lockers are not only useful in school buildings or gyms, but can also be used in work buildings or office spaces where employees may not have their own office and area to safely store their items.

Three tier lockers are a lucrative investment for any space and last for long periods of time. A three tier lockers unit can be purchased at one time and last for decades in a space, only needing small replacements periodically. These lockers are made from high-quality steel and each individual locker has a metal number plate for locker assignments or assigned temporary use. Each locker has a recessed handle for easy opening and access. The lockers require user-provided combination locks or locks provided by the company, business, or school. The lockers are consistently vented for safety and sanitation.

Yankee Supply has used three tier lockers available for sale. We also have locker formations such as, full door lockers, half door lockers, box door lockers, and garment lockers. Whatever sized locker you need, we have a variety of sizes and formations or tiers for your convenience and usage.

If you are looking for a reliable way for employees, students, or patrons to safely and securely store their personal items either temporarily or permanently, we have a variety of units for you to choose from based on your need. If you are not sure what size locker unit would be useful for you, or best fit in your space, we have a locker guide at the top of the page. You can give us a call for pricing and availability.

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