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The safe and efficient movement of ULDs or large cargo is difficult in any type of space. Whether the movement and transfer need to happen in an air supply space or some other type of production location, safe and ergonomic transfer is a difficult task to accomplish.  A system of caster decks can revolutionize your cargo transfer efficiency and capacity.

The safety of this type of cargo transfer concerns both the ULD or pallet itself and the safety of the employees overseeing the transfer. These loads are too large to attempt movement without technical machinery assistance and doing so is dangerous to the individuals around the space. The cargo itself can be incredibly valuable even if just measured by the sheer number of products that are packed together. Insufficient movement of ULDs and other large pallets can cost companies thousands of dollars in product damage and replacement. The ULDs are made for air supply shipment, so despite the large size of the cargo, the pallets or structures underneath the products that hold it together must be lightweight. This lightweight structure can be holding thousands of pounds of weight upright, so making sure the pallet or structure is not damaged is vital to the transfer of the ULD.

An Air Cargo Caster Deck System can help the movement and transfer you need be as smooth, safe, and efficient as possible. There are many options when a caster deck system is used. Scissor lifts can be implemented for smooth lifting and scales can be put in place to help with maintenance and ULD inspections. The caster systems allow pallets and ULDs to be easily rotated and transferred. The caster decks are made to be non-slip for worker safety and they are flexible and can be re-formulated to fit multiple spaces.

The movement of ULDs and other large cargo is difficult to complete as quickly and efficiently as is necessary. An Air Cargo Caster Deck System can assist your production and transfer team by keeping the productivity moving forward consistently. Even if transfer needs to be completed in a tight or complicated space, the caster system can complete the task for you.

Contact us for for pricing and to see how this system of caster decks could benefit your space or take a look at our other air cargo handling supplies.


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