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Having a space where employees and workers can place their cell phones and other small, but important personal items, helps make the environment of a workspace or production area more comfortable and secure. Cell phone lockers can be used as a location for the employees of your workspace to place their personal items in a location they know will keep their items safe and secure. These lockers can also be used to securely store small groups of items or materials in your office or production space that others in the workplace do not need or should not have access to. Whatever you need securely stored away, these lockers can reliably do the job for you

These lockers are 27 inches wide, 30 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. They can store much more than just cell phones. They can be a place where individuals can safely store not only their phones, but their wallets, keys, and other small personal items. The lockers do not have built-in combination locks but can be used with whatever lock you want to supply and hook through the designated area. Each has a small space for labels. You can customize the label for numbers, names, or whatever unit you would like to use to help assign lockers.

Yankee Supply has cell phone lockers in stock and available for purchase. These particular locker units have fifteen individuals locker boxes. They are used and we have twenty units available for sale. If you are needing a durable, long-lasting space for your workspace, employees, or patrons to safely store small items or materials, one of these locker units would be perfect and can be installed on whatever surface you need to install or place it on top of.

If you are interested in one of these locker units, you can give us a call for availability.

Price: $175 per each unit of 15 lockers.

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