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The movement of stock, inventory, and other goods within a warehouse can be a complicated process to plan logistically but is necessary for a well-functioning and highly productive space. Occasionally space in a warehouse or production space is minimal or there may be an unusual layout in the building to work around for production. Conveyor curves are a solution to many transport formulation and production lines that warehouses and other production spaces may come across during their work.

Conveyor curves are able to be implemented into conveyor lines. They are available 45, 90, and 180-degree curves and both work well in a conveyor line-up. Deciding between the two angle sizes depends on the space in your work area. If you have a roller conveyor system and are needing another portion to maneuver around an area or continue the transport line, this addition would be beneficial for your space.

High-quality, durable conveyors are an important investment for any production or warehouse space, so choosing the best and most appropriate option and type of conveyor for your space is key to a high-production volume. Not all conveyor curves have the same type of conveyor deck and some decks are better for some spaces or productivity than others.

These curves available at Yankee Supply are roller conveyors. Roller conveyors work well with items that have flat, sturdy bottoms that will move across the rollers with ease. Roller conveyors have the ability to carry and transport heavy loads, so they can work with most items you are trying to move and transport across your production space.

The used conveyor curves we currently carry at Yankee Supply are like-new and will bring a new flexibility and mobility to your workspace. If you are interested to see if these conveyors or a roller conveyor is the best option for your space, production type, or budget, give us a call and we can also discuss pricing and availability.


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