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Safe and efficient transport of items within a warehouse or production space is vital to the success and production time of a company or warehouse. Safety is important to keep all items within a shipment or cargo load intact and free from harm. Efficiency helps the warehouse accomplish more transport and movement within a smaller frame of time. A skatewheel conveyor system is one mode of transport that is common and popular among warehouses and transport spaces. The lightweight frame gives production spaces a seamless transport or movement while also being flexible and transportable enough to be used in multiple spaces within the warehouse.

These conveyors work exactly the way they sound. Each one has skate wheels attached frames that allow a smooth and efficient movement of the product or cargo. The frames of these conveyors can be both sturdy and flexible. Flexible or expandable wheel conveyors are made to be stored and transported between different areas of production space. Sturdier frames are less temporary but are still lightweight enough to be used in multiple spaces within a warehouse.

This type of conveyor is not electric and works best at an incline or with a forceful push. They work at their best under items that have firm, flat bottoms. Items with a light to medium capacity are ideal when loading cargo or product onto these conveyors. If you need a transport system that is flexible and can be maneuvered to fit your needs and space, a skatewheel conveyor is something that would work well in your space.

Yankee Supply has Skatewheel conveyors for sale. The dimensions are as follows:

  • 18″w and 24″w X 10′ long sections

If your space is in need of an efficient and flexible transport system, give us a call to discuss pricing, availability, and what would work best for you and your production space.



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