Grow Racking Design

Vertical grow systems are gaining popularity in multiple plant industries, including the cannabis industry.  When designed correctly, the system should maximize growth space, while limiting isle space.  Yankee's vertical growth racks solve this issue, so you can maximize your floor space and your vertical space simultaneously.  Our racks are set into tracks on the floor, which allows the racks to be moved apart one-by-one, creating rows, then locked into place, so it doesn't move.  Instead of four rows around three sections of grow rack, we are able to limit it to 1 row. 

In the setup pictured to the left (above on mobile), we saved approximately 96 sq. ft. per row, across 3 rows, for a total of 288 sq. ft. saved!  Looking at it a different way, that's approximately 128 sq. ft. of extra floor space, which allows for an extra row of grow rack.  One extra row translates into about 384 sq. ft. of extra vertical growth space!  



Our installation teams are trusted by many industry leading companies, organizations, and government agencies.  We have installed racking & other warehouse solutions at high/moderate security facilities, including NASA and National Grid.  Our install crews are vetted and trusted before we send them into your facility.  We understand your need for discretion and transparency.  

We are well versed in our grow rack systems installation process, including safety concerns and working with existing equipment, operations, and processes. Our installation crews are conscious of your day-to-day operations and timelines, so we can be as flexible as possible within your workflow.  We can even install overnight, on weekends, and on holidays, so that your regular workflow isn’t disrupted in any capacity.

Lighting & Irrigation

We handle everything from the layout design to the installation of the racks.  After that, we have strategic partners to help with the rest of the process, including irrigation, ventilation, and grow lighting.

For a list of the parts used to make this grow system, fill out this form to get our Parts List PDF or give us a call at 800.232.7225


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