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Yankee Supply keeps a year-round surplus of used cantilever racking. Cantilever racking, also called lumber racking or pipe racking, are industrial strength storage racks, which are designed to withstand heavy loads of bulk material, including various wood products, PVC and steel piping, stock metals, and various long and or bulky items.

Cantilever racks consist of two main parts, the uprights and the arms, both of which are made from high quality steel for withstanding the heavy loads placed on them. Cantilever rack uprights come in various heights to match your industrial and facility needs. Once the upright height has been determined, distance between the uprights must be established and this will depend on what you are storing on your cantilever racks. Once you have this determined, then you need look at how much vertical space is needed between the arms. If you are storing loose piping on the racks, you may need less room than if you are storing palletized plywood, for instance.

Cantilever racking can be single or double sided. If you are setting your cantilever racks against a wall, you will likely need a single sided configuration. But if you are setting up your cantilever racking in rows on the floor of your warehouse, it may be best to set those racks up with a double sided configuration, because this will allow you to utilize both sides of the racks to store materials. In a double sided configuration, we would utilize the same uprights and simply attach arms to the opposite side for a double sided configuration. Cantilever racking is a fairly flexible racking solution, in terms of storing bulky items.

Used cantilever racks are a cost-effective solution for your industrial storage needs. Our used cantilever is top notch and we can handle the design and installation for you, anywhere in the country.

Let us know your your needs and we will match these with the perfect cantilever rack implementation. Please let us know what you will be storing, along with dimensions and weight loads, so we can tailor the best and safest solution for your needs. Call us today and ask about our used cantilever racking!


**** Call for availability on our used cantilever racking.

Heavy duty:

200: Cantilever Towers 21’8” tall x 14” x 5” I-Beam (20,500 capacity per side)

270: Cantilever Bases 4’ long x 14” x 5” I-Beam

1850: Cantilever Arms 4’ long x 4” x 2.8” I-Beam (3000 capacity each)

200: Cantilever Brace Sets 72”

New rack also in stock!

Learn more about cantilever racks.

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